Target your main Competitor’s audience & customers directly (August Beta – paid)

Hey everyone!

For the past few months, me and my team have been working on an AdTech tool that enables you to target your competitor's audience & customers directly (you might have came across our posts – we're building in public!). We've came up with very creative ways to do it, and now working on releasing it to the public as a SaaS tool. We've been running Beta cohorts for the past two months with a total of 93 people/companies/agencies, gathered lots ot case studies and amazing results, feeling very grateful. Around 60% of our Beta participants have already signed up for their annual packages, which is amazing!

Basically, the tool, Tuwio, is about targeting your competitor's customers directly. We're using a bunch of publicly available data and two secret sauce ingredients we've developed with the team. Works no matter what sector you're targeting, or location, or anything else. All you need to have is a competitor, or multiple competitors that have a web presence – a website & social media channels are enough. Doesn't matter what your business is about: We've worked with DTC eCom companies, dropshippers, crypto companies, university recruiting teams, cloud hosting companies.. Again, only thing you need is a competitor – or more than one!

Simply put, Tuwio means lower ad costs, better targeting and higher conversions. Conversion campaigns with 10-12% are not uncommon, CAC dropping down to 1/8 of what it used to be also.. With good creatives, good product & good experience on top of this, you can build a rocketship. Only problem is, we are not sure how scalable the tool would be for the users: We haven't been experimenting with it for 2-3 years after all, just 5-6 months until now. Good thing is, unless you're spending $200-300K/mo, everything should be fine.

The reason I'm telling you all about it is, we're looking for the last Beta test (August batch) members. We've completed our June and July batches, and this will be the last one before the public launch. You will be paying a certain amount, since there are big infrastructure and engineering costs for this, but it will be discounted since there might be bugs and other issues – you're an early adapter after all, highly appreciated! So please let me know if you're interested and we can talk.

You can sign up directly here, or read about Tuwio more here.

If you have any questions, let me know!


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