Facebook/Instagram Shops – my own experience in B2B

Just wanted to put this out there as a ecommerce platform provider helping small businesses join facebook shopping – it is an absolute pain. It is the worst experience I've had on any software/web software, and I've used complicated programs like Maya, 3ds max etc.


– Trying to get them to add me as a editor on their account is very fiddley

– Facebook officially has an old and a new version of facebook shop, and if you created your one some time ago, it won't be compatible – I can't believe this either but it's what support told me

– They use algorithms every upload, and very little human checking (obvious)

– They wont approve your account for X amount of time, so you can only hope/wait

– To get on instagram, you need facebook shopping first as it uses its catalogue

– This is the big one. If for any reason you try and submit your shop to instagram and it's not approved, there is no appeal service!!!! I have never ever heard of this being a thing on the internet before, at least for commercial services

This is the start of it as well.

I honestly think that facebook is really bad at doing a lot of things these days and they are just not an organised company anymore.

If you visit Business Manager, it is like left menu tab bar 'inception' with so many options, complicated 'assets', further settings, unable to use support on any page but 1 specific one. The list goes on.

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