Does Anyone Else Experience Very High Order Return Rate For Orders Paid By Paypal?

I Have been noticing a trend with our store lately and I wonder if anyone else notices anything similar.

When A customer pays with Paypal in our store, they are 74% More likely to return their order Vs Credit Card, Amazon pay, Or any other method.

I can't find the reasoning behind this, but this has been the trend for over a year now. We get very few returns on orders paid by credit card, yet Credit cards are what most of our customers pay with.

These are auto parts we are selling, so They don't use them for a day like with apparel and send it back, the returns are usually never even opened and usually returned in perfect condition.

Does anyone see anything similar? The only theory I can think of is that maybe these are typical eBay-type customers who are buying from our Shopify store using PayPal, and who don't read product descriptions. Maybe they just buy blindly and return things often, and want an easy way to dispute if there is an issue?

We would hate to remove PayPal as a payment option as some good customers do use it, but it is driving us crazy.

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