Market research techniques

Hi guys, just after some advice.

So I’ve been looking for something to sell for a while now, I think I’ve found something that has a demand and is aligned with one of my hobbies so I think I have a good idea about the demographic too.

The product is related to equipment for a sport that is popular around the world but mainly in USA, UK and the Far East there is also some potential for smaller products that would have repeat sale potential if I could create a decent brand around this initial product – I do have a little branding and social media marketing experience so I’m hoping I will be able to achieve this.

The product ideally needs to be custom made so I would need a supplier to manufacture different variants for me because the real selling point of the product for me is that there is little to no variation in the designs available online at the moment and the websites that do already sell the more basic designs of the product are very poorly made and have almost zero decent marketing.

Even though I know the product hits a niche though – I want to spend time researching first and make sure that the target market will spend money on the product and that the market is actually there.

What would be the best ways of me researching this beyond simply searching the top sites on Google?

What notes specifically should I make about rival sellers?

What am I looking for?

I am very much a newbie at this!

Thanks for any advice!

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