Can My store Be Disabled in any way?

I own a store, and in mid-April, I shut it down for almost 3 weeks to work on it, change some things here and there and introduce new products.

At first, I changed the Shopify plan to "pause and build" & then to "pause for 90 days" (I think I remember, not exactly sure if I ended up pausing it for 90 days).

But anyway, after 3 weeks or so I opened my store again with a slightly new design and new products. New ads on youtube channels getting 20k views every vid, let's say getting 2 million views on vids overall. But since I reopened my store I have gotten absolutely 0 SALES. It is weird because people are still visiting, not as much as before but it's still a good number to at least get 3 or 4 sales a week, but I'm getting none.

these are the stats since April 1rst.

I have PayPal as the only payment option but that hasn't stopped me then. conversion rate. would that be it?

Could my Shopify store be censored in any way? It's a pretty standard product, nothing crazy.

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