Quick tips to increase conversion. They worked for us

With the drop in conversion rate and the increase in ad cost, it’s essentially to identify strategies to increase your conversions and customer lifetime value without breaking the bank.

Here are a few;

  1. Call your customers. If you have Klaviyo SMS capabilities set up, don’t just send SMSes, also call your customers. This will not just establish a personal connection with your them but will also increase your conversion rate without a serious extra cost. It’s often said that a three-minute call is better than 100 emails. Please make sure you have their consent though.

  2. Content marketing. If you had to hire one marketing staff, your first should be a content writer. If your e-commerce business is the leader for content and media in your space, you’ll probably become the overall market leader too.

  3. Regularly ask customers for feedback. This doesn’t only let them know you care, it also ensures you’re dealing with potential clots in your system.

  4. Use simple creatives in your ads. You don’t need a professional video to run ads. That’s mostly done by large companies for brand awareness. Your videos should be short and focus on the practicality of the product.

  5. Treat your team right. Believe me when I say this; the success of your business is dependent on the moral of your employees. If they’re not happy, they will not give your their best ideas and work. I have seen the same team do the same thing under a different leadership and produced very different results.

I hope this helps someone. Happy to learn a few from you guys as well.

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