Scaling good interests dosn’t work. Please help

Hello, I need help with scaling my store i would really appreciate any advice.

I tested about 10+ interests at 5$ daily and about 4 of them got 3-4 sales at about 5$ cost per result. The problem is that when i try to take on of the interest and scale them in a CBO of the same interest x5 at 100$ daily they start to perform badly and the cost per result is about 22-30$. I'm new to this phase and im not sure what to do next because at this point each day i either break even or lose some money. I make about 19$ profit on the product before paying for ads so i assume the optimal cpr for me is around 15$ but i just can't seem to find any interest that scale and gives me this cpr.

Thanks for the help 🙂

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