Sell More To Customers (With Gratitude)

A new way to upsell customers by using gratitude

↳ You run ads

↳ Some of them visit your landing page
A few of the checkout

↳ And a handful of them end up purchasing

And that is it, most marketing funnels stop here…

However, you are missing out on capitalizing on your best customers (who have purchased)

So, here is what you should do

↳ Customer’s purchase product

↳ After a break of 3-5 ads
Run Story ads expressing gratitude and asking them if they had any issues with the product,

↳ After a break of 3-5 ads
Run story ads “Get Flat 10% off on your next offer if you submit a review today”

↳ After a break of 5-7 days

Run story ads expressing about another product that assists them with the present product and reminding about 10% off coupon + additional 20% off as they are a valued customer

Repeat the same process when the customer buys another product

This way you will leverage your best customers and would not have to spend thousands to acquire a few new customers

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