WooCommerce plugin for dynamically changing image according to selected criteria

Hi all, I am hoping someone here can provide some guidance.

What I am looking to do is create a wordpress + WooCommerce site in which:

  1. Customers can go to a main product page (there is only one product – a patio glass door)
  2. Select a size, color, accessories of the product
  3. The main picture will change according to what was selected
  4. The price will change according to what was selected

When they are finished "building" their product, they will click a button to submit a form rather than click an add to cart button. This will send the details to my company and another email will be sent to them with details about what they have selected. The sales process will then proceed offline.

Eventually the sales process could all take place online, but for now my company only wants to create an intriguing online tool where customers can build their product, and then have a way to receive a qualified lead.

Which plugin should I use that would most closely align to this business process? I have looked at some product builders but many seem to be about placing images on items like t-shirts or business cards. I just need something that will dynamically change an image and price according to the options selected by the user.

Any feedback would be great. I appreciate your help.

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