Your thoughts and experiences with hiring influencers to grow your brand

I work for brands helping them market their products on Amazon. Amazon PPC is getting super expensive and what we are trying to push more is external traffic like TikTok and pretty much anywhere else on the internet that has customers relative to the brand.

For example: I work with a gutair string company that is made in Nashville TN and is relatively new to the industry but is higher quality and provides a better customer experience.

I am willing to give pretty much any influencer free product and 10% of sales that they drive. ( I would give them an Amazon link to track that). Any additional money would be negotiated. .

Few questions: Is it better to have 5-10 smaller influencers or 1 bigger one?

What is the best ways and hacks to reach out to influencers that would be interested in working with you in your industry?

Any negotiation tactics that you use?

Is there any numbers and stats that you use to calculate what the value of a post would be? For example the average post of this Instagram account gets 1000 likes that is worth x amount…

Is there any free Educators online that talk about this stuff? I know in the Amazon world there are a lot of gurus that really don't know anything that are on YouTube and then there's actually some top 1% free Educators on there that I learned a ton from that really know their stuff.

I am looking for ANY advice from your experience on hiring or recruiting influencers. There is millions of things that I'm not thinking of because I don't have a ton of experience in this world. Thank you in advance!

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