I’m a developer with a solid ecomm build — why has my £1000 FB budget generated a single sale??

I have a live ecommerce site selling a range of nice high end interior lights and fixtures priced between £150-300.

I'm a professional web designer & developer w/ 15 years experience, and built the business essentially to trial facebook ads and see what kind of CTRs / returns etc I can get.

I kept very very low expectations with my projections based on like 1% CTR / Conversion rates but the campaign has underperformed massively.

I hired a marketing manager to handle the ad campaign for me, one I was very happy with after sourcing for several weeks and have injected an ad budget of £500 per month, for two months now.

In total, I've had a couple add to carts, a single sale, and a couple of enquiries – but nothing beyond that.

Often it is the case on this sub that underperforming websites are incomplete or don't generate trust, or are just badly designed or built, but these are the factors I am most confident in having avoided given that's my day job – and of course from a lot of objective feedback.

I've gotten mixed messages about what to expect and when, but even with my estimating a rock bottom CTR % and conversion rate % I expected to have more than one sale after £1000 on ads over two months, on top of the marketing managers fee.

Also I understand given the price point is higher that conversions will be lower but still this seems a little bit crazy.

I would love to get your thoughts – is it the price point, is it the fact the campaign is relatively young still? Is it something else I've missed?

My campaign manager encouragingly tells me this is normal and we'll try this and that week to week, except it's all to no avail and I'm reluctant to keep pouring budget into it.

nb. I don't want to link the site in a public post for a various reasons, but can link in a DM if needed.

Really look foward to hearing – and thanks in advance..!

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