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Good evening Reddit,

I have ventured into the ecom space yet again. This time with a different business model. I have gone ahead and purchased a theme from Halo Themes. The products I am selling are those from manufactures in which I have become an approved dealer for. I have a lot of SKUs. To help me with managing all of this thankfully there are integrations apps and search apps to help and do the heavy lifting. Currently I am stuck with the refinement. Primarily the layout and setting up my collections. I also for some reason can not get the filter function to work either. My problem isn't so much the user finding their category as it is how to structure the categories. So for example Lets say the category is lighting, I would want to be able to have all lighting under the lighting category. That would include headlights, tail lights and light bars. I may want the ability to filter by things such as brand name. The problem I am facing is being able to set that up and then get things like filtering to work. Currently the filtering will not work at all, even if I did get it to work it's appear that the filters are one and the same for all of the categories or collections rather.
Any help would be more than appreciated. I am sure the solution to my problem is simple.

If you have read this and are looking to proposition me with marketing help. Please don't. Marketing is something that I have already found assistance with. Not to mention I am currently unable to properly market with out my site up and running.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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