New Home Decor Site – would love some feedback!

Hi all, I launched my Shopify store 8 days ago with great expectations, but have had only 2 sales. I have a few weak theories as to why there aren’t any sales. But I was hoping to get any and all feedback from this group of experts that might help me pinpoint what needs to be improved before I throw more money aimlessly around.

I’ve spent over $500 exclusively on Instagram ads with the Traffic objective, with my best ad getting a $0.30 cost per click. Site visits were increasing daily with my ads peaking at 230/day but I switched to the Conversion objective just today after reading some other threads here, so it’s in that “learning” period and didn’t have great results today and of course no sales. (Facebook said I’d have no sales and darn it they were right!)

Let me know if any other info would help. Greatly appreciate your thoughts!!

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