Running a lucky draw/give-away promotion

I have a hobby electronics project (very niche) and I have just finished a new version which I want to promote better and treat more seriously as far as sales go. The previous version is available as a DIY project, a ready to build kit, or as a finished product and until now I have always treated this as a hobby that paid for itself. I never really looked in to promotions and advertising but for the new version I want to actually promote. The new version will be available as a finished product only. The previous version will still be available.

As part of the launch, I am thinking of doing a lucky draw and giving away one or two of the new versions (each valued at USD200). What is the best way to manage this and get the best return out of the promotion. I assume getting email addresses in the main goal but should I consider other things?

An admin for a related facebook group has agreed to help advertise/promote the giveaway. I have a WordPress website and have a basic mailing list managed with mailchimp (free) which I mainly use to announce updates.

I feel I have a lot in place already (could be very wrong) but unsure about the next step.

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