Would you be interested to organize Instagram Live events?

I made a platform to connect influencers with e-commerce stores, would you be interested to organize Instagram Live events?

Why do I think you should also organize a live event for your store?

  • Live-Stream Shopping Events might be the future of shopping!
  • It's a fairly simple, engaging way to encourage shopping behavior.
  • With Instagram Checkout, it removes the friction in the shopping process.
  • The market in the USA is estimated to be $25 billion markets by 2023!

Today, mostly only big brands organize Live events on Instagram. Smaller e-commerce don't for these reasons:

  • It's complicated to set-up
  • They don't have a huge Instagram audience
  • They don't want to film themselves selling products. Or they don't know how to sell in Live.

That's why we recently made this platform to connect Instagram Influencers with e-commerce stores.

  • We help you to set up your store to be ready for a live event.
  • We match your business with Instagram Live influencers.
  • We supervise the Live.

The pricing will depend on the influencer and your budget.

  • Some influencers agree on getting a low fee with a percent of your sales.
  • Some others agree to not get any percent of your sales but only a fee decided by them.

Open to feedbacks,

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