Is there any payment processor that allows you to (within the law) deny a refund as matter of policy?

I saw an online company that doesn't offer refunds for many of it's products. At least some of them are 'personal' items like underwear.

According to a quick search about general laws on honoring refunds/returns; it's apparently only required to offer a refund if a buyer changes their mind within 3 days after purchase. Beyond that, there's no formal law requiring a business to offer a refund, unless the product/service was provably defective, at which point the customer could theoretically file a complain with the FTC.

But I have to wonder, how could that online store truly deny a refund?

We all know PayPal for example always sides with the buyer, and always forces a refund, no matter what. (Even with damaged goods PayPal won't side with you — how can you even prove a customer sent back damaged goods? Have a notary public on-call and video tape the box opening at the post office?)

Just curious if there are other payment processing methods that actually let you deny refunds as matter of regular policy and will not just give in to every 'dispute' a customer files (the way PayPal always does).

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