What website platform should I go with?

Hi guys, I’ve had a corporate hamper business for a few years with a few direct clients that ordered standard products consistently. I didn’t promote myself as I had no capacity to take on new clients. I now do have more capacity so I’m starting that process to expand publicly and top of the list is a website.

I don’t know whether to go with a shopify type thing or WordPress/woo commerce site.

I want to have it designed by a pro initially, but I want to be able to manage the site more or less by myself ongoing (at least day-to-day maintenance, adding products etc). I’m reasonably tech savvy (graphic design background). Big changes, I’m happy to engage a professional.

Products will be hampers, singular products, plus a build-your-own feature to create a custom gift.

I’m not up to date on web design and the backend stuff and everytime I ask people it seems to start a war between the two sides.

I really just want to be smart about this and plan a site that is going to function the way I need it to, easy to manage, and aligns with SEO requirements. Amongst other things!

So how do I make the right choice? How do I work out what’s right for my business. I’ll happily raise my hand and say I’m not an expert in any way here, so pls be gentle – would love any advice to send my on the right path!

TIA! 🌺

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