Here’s 3 mistake I noticed on 300+ eCommerce stores

My name is Bô-Soleil and I own an email marketing agency and here's what I noticed.

It's crazy there are so many revenue losses. We've gone to 300 stores, signed up to their newsletter, added products to our cart, and waited a month.

87% haven't automated emails – By simply adding a welcome series, browse abandonment, and cart abandonment. You should get about a 1.2x increase in your revenue.

75% of you don't collect well emails – Do you guys know emails is still the #1 channel in terms of ROI?

63% of you didn't send us emails for more than 1 month – Sending campaigns is one of the best ways to get your clients aware of what you do. You get about a 15-25% open rate compared to FB's reach of 2% on average.

Now you might think you're too small or that doesn't apply to you but you're wrong. You usually get <1$ per recipient per campaign and email marketing should account for about 18-43% of your business revenue!

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