What platform to start selling Digital Assets?

Hi all! Hoping for a little guidance, very new to eCommerce and the like. I'm looking for an adequate sales platform that will allow me to sell my assets.

I'm starting up a business that will be primarily an equipment rental company, but a side passive income project is selling digital assets that we create using the specialist equipment. I want to sell these assets in packs, and in part of a subscription service.

For example, we might have ten packs of 50 assets each, each pack can be bought for $99. Or, a consumer can subscribe for $15/m, and download 15 assets from any pack per month.

All the products will be completely digital, and be downloaded by the customer through our website or whichever platform we might be using. The key thing is that a customer needs to be able to buy and download the packs easily, or subscribe to multiple available tiers of the service. If subscribed, they need to then be able to download any of the assets on the site and have this limited to the amount of "credits" associated to their tier of subscription.

Most similar examples of this I have found seem to be completely integrated into their site, and I don't have the budget to hire a web developer to do something like that. I just need a service that can do what I need and then embed to my site.

Many thanks!

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