Google’s “Direct carrier billing” fees for the merchant – is anyone aware of them?

Hi guys,

we're all aware of Google's 15% fee for any in-app transaction, i.e. if user buys smth. for $1, Google pays you $0.85, that's clear.

However in many countries Google has a Direct carrier billing (DCB) payment method available, when the above-mentioned $1 is simply added to user's monthly carrier's bill (AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, etc.).

Several alternative payment providers like BOKU, Dimoco, Bango, etc. also offer DCB to merchants and their fees are 25-60% (!) of every transaction, so it was logical for me to ask Google one simple question: are DCB merchant fees included in Google's "standard" 15%, or are they added on top?

Here is the answer I recently got from Google:

"Please be informed that the payout for the particular in-app purchases for any particular payment method will be completely decided by our back end team…"

Really, Google? How am I supposed to plan my app economics with this "transparency"?

Has anyone, guys, dealt with DCB from Google? Will highly appreciate any info on that.

Thank you!

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