Personal Touch to the Brand? eCommerce Critique

Hi there,

My girlfriend and I just launched zava(.)cc, yet another jewellery eCom… I ran it through my friends asking for the UX and all and got several mixed feedback, especially around using the personal story on the homepage (just on the desktop site) and in the about section. Would you give me a nice critique (be harsh!) on the user experience and whether it's a store people would buy from?

I personally believe the story could help connecting with the customers. My girlfriend and I got stuck in India during the lockdown, where we were on short term holidays. We met here and both decided to leave our office lives behind and keep travelling the world together, then we signed up to jewellery school and launched the biz.

The story is on the homepage, with also two short bios of the founders just on the desktop version and in the about page.

Some of the people we asked feedback for told us that "We couldn't care less about you, we're on the website cause we want to shop, just show the jewellery). Some others told us they loved the personal touch. None of them work in eCommerce so I'd like to get an opinion on this. On top of this specific issue any feedback on the general UX of the shop is much much appreciated.

On a separate note, we decided to go the organic/influencer route rather than ads for now to reduce initial investments, you think it's a good approach or we should start running ads on FB/Google?

Thanks in advance!

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