Starting a furniture business – should I go upmarket instead?

Title sums it up really

Been thinking about starting an ecommerce business but I know there’s some pretty big names in the industry such as Wayfair. There’s the opportunity to open up an account with a couple of dropshipping suppliers who also sell to the public but I can rebrand the products and if I get the positioning of the brand correct can hopefully earn a good profit on each item. It’s low and mid range furniture in a range of categories such as bedroom, living room, sofas etc. Popular designs but you can find the exact same stuff elsewhere and at Wayfair too. The supplier isn’t overseas and offers free shipping.

However, I’m having second thoughts about this direction. I’m considering moving more upmarket with high quality items exclusively from designers that aren’t well known and are quite unique to the market. I’ve reached out and many seem to be keen to work on a drop ship basis and whilst shopping may not be as fast in some cases depending on where the designer is, it gives me something unique. The pricing is obviously higher but that means much higher margins instead of getting a 10% discount on retail from a dropshipping supplier. The range on the site would be a lot smaller too but more focused.

Would I sacrifice volume? I suppose that’s less of an issue if the margins are much greater. I just don’t want to become another generic furniture site stocking the same stuff under a different name.


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