Can an online store selling its own products also have Amazon affiliate links on its blog?

A seemingly straightforward question, but surprised I can't find the answer so easily.

Here's the question:

  1. Amazon's T&C for affiliate programs says that you can't be a similar marketplace like Amazon.
  2. What does that mean, exactly? Does Amazon make the distinction between someone allowing third party vendors to resell on their site and a physical seller who is selling their own stuff on their own shopify store? Where do dropshippers fall in this?

So with these in mind, if I have a Shopify store where I sell things I buy offline from manufacturers or wholesalers, and I have a blog in that hobby or niche, then in those blog articles can I include Amazon affiliate links?

Something along the lines of

  • Our site is about the niche (a lifestyle hobby, in my case)
  • Articles will upsell both the products we offer as well as those on Amazon, listing the pros/cons of each and recommendations depending on the user's specific needs.

Is this allowed? Done? A good/bad idea?

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