International shipping logistics

I will be selling a photography zine soon (package size: 6×9 bubble mailer, 4 oz). Due to my audience being from Instagram, I am expecting international orders from US to Canada, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Phillipines, possibly several other countries. My printer is located in the US and I've calculated $15 shipping for me to send international orders via USPS.

I'm looking for any suggestions to decrease cost of shipping. I do have someone in Germany willing to be a distributor if I get them all the European orders. I don't know how to go about estimating shipping costs FROM Germany to other countries. Likewise I also looked into printing in the UK and shipping from there, but that came up even more expensive than shipping from US.

Any insight would be appreciated. $15 may be the best I can get but that's steep when the zine only cost $10 itself.

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