Tips for hiring someone to set up ad campaigns?

Context: Our company is branching off of Amazon and have built an ecommerce site. Goal is to get off of Amazon as much as possible.

We recently started some Google Ads (search with like 100+ related product keywords for each campaign, and no Google auto-optimizing since I heard they just try to take more of your $$ that way). We spent like $300 in ads and finally got 1 sale in the past week.

Not what I'm expecting for results. Obviously just feel like I'm bleeding cash.

Similar products can be found on Amazon. It's a bit of a commodity type product category. Usually priced from $13-50 items. We have $30 free shipping threshold. 3-7 business days standard shipping at $4.99.

Questions: First off – any huge red flags here i should change?

Next, I'm thinking of hiring someone who knows what they're doing to audit our ads, product pages, etc. Is this a good idea?

When hiring someone I don't even know where to begin. I was thinking upwork or something. Is this a good place? What should we consider when hiring someone? What is a reasonable price to pay for this service?

Thanks so much in advance!!

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