What is the minimum time needed to test an Adwords campaign?


I'm developing a website to sell goods in the UK. The product is good (I'm a consumer of it, I know the market very well. I am basically shadowing a very successful US company who has strong presensce in the US, but not UK).

I have made improvements on my website is waves.

Wave1: Rubbish images, descriptions, theme from free collection
Spend £230 in Adwords, made £80 in sales (cost of item and postage is about 20% of sales)

Wave2: More images, complete titles & descriptions, better theme (flatsome). I can see more engagement, less bounce, and more important more sales.

Spend £60 in Adwords and made about £62 in sales. So definate improvement.

I know that a lot of buyers come back 2nd or 3rd time before buying. I've only run wave 2 of Adwords for 3 days. How long do I need to see the campaign through to get an idea of the effectiveness of the Adwords campaign?

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