Looking for a reliable, cost-effective ecommerce 3PL company

Hi all, this is basically a follow-up to my previous post about choosing a 3PL vs sticking with in-house fulfillment for my apparel brand.

I've decided to go with a 3PL solely due to the amount of time and stress it'll save me. Now it's just about finding a good, reliable, and cost-effective service to go with. I've received quotes from Shipmonk and Shipbob, who seem to charge (and over-charge) for every little thing compared to smaller, private 3PL companies so I am trying to compare as many others as possible.

If you manage a 3PL company for ecommerce fulfillment shoot me a message with your email and website. I created a spreadsheet with some order data and our inventory information + quantities, as well as some questions to send over to you for a quotation. Get in touch!

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