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Hi Reddit,

Earlier this summer I have launched my online store and have been tweaking my site everyday ever since. I have noticed that not all of my pages are indexed by google and I am using the google search console to see how many of my pages are actually seen by google. First question, is this normal or does google take many months to index all of my pages (specifically product pages)?

I have went through and did some basic SEO work on my site that I could on my own. Established many keywords, meta titles & descriptions, changed images to improve speed, made sure all images have an alt text. Is there anything else I can do to improve on this? I do plan on adding a blog in the near future to keep generating more keywords and make the website look more alive.

Lastly, I'll link my site below but I would greatly appreciate your honest feedback on the website design. Is it easy to navigate or is it confusing? Is everything showing properly on your end? Any feedback is appreciated, thank you!

My store:

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