Exorbitant bot traffic on my new site


I run an e-commerce website for my company, and 6 months ago we re-platformed. I noticed that about a week after launch our traffic went through the roof, but noticed through analytics that its mostly from users with a language "C", so I believe it to be bot activity.

I reached out to the platform hosts, and they assured me it was probably Google or some other sites reindexing, and I should just filter it out in analytics, which I did.

But im a bit dismayed in that over the last 6 months, our web traffic has been abysmal but bot traffic is growing exponentially. Sample numbers: in September 2020, we had 27,000 non-bot session, 27 bot sessions. In September 2021 we has 17,000 non-bot sessions, 79,000 bot sessions.

Most of the loss is from SEO, which im working to address. But is this huge amount of bot sessions concerning, or could it be affecting our web performance? Should I be taking action to try and stop it, or just continue filtering it out and ignoring it.

As a side note, I run 2 e-commerce sites on this same platform, and the other company (which has been on this platform for several years) does not have any bot traffic at all.

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