Q4 sale is not just limited to BFCM, here are few more days where you can run some of your sale offers.

Every year Q4 is about sales and people only buy with the best offers or deals on every purchase.

In simple the revenue in {Q1 + Q2 + Q3 < Q4} to some brands, yes they generate more revenue in just Q4 than compared to the rest of the year.

So what makes Q4 special? It's simple, the ongoing festivals where people save money to make purchases in this period. Also adding up to the changes over last decade it changed to "OFFERS". With emerging e-commerce giants and their strategies, they changed the people's mindset that Q4 is all about offers and deals. So people wait to make purchases in 4 when they come across such great deals.

So what exactly I did in generating $1.3 million in the last Q4.

I was making my plans for BFCM and Christmas + new year but then I came across some amazing stuff that there are more days, not just those 4.

I'm gonna explain with present dates on how to do the sale in Q4.

  1. Halloween: 31st October – This is the beginning of the sale where you need to get ready for it. Try to optimize your campaigns from Halloween so that by the time of your big days your existing campaign can get upgraded with new creatives and a copy of BFCM.
  2. Pre-black Friday sale: 1st Week of November – This is the next step where you need to launch a per-BFCM sale with something better than Halloween sale. The campaigns bring lot of data and the campaigns get matured.
  3. Singles Day: 11th November – This is originally started in china but soon it started having more attention in all countries. Try to take advantage of this day by having a reason for offering the deals.
  4. Early Black Friday – 3rd week of November – This helps in having high AOV at low CPM's when compared to BFCM days. So you see great ROAS in this early BF sale.
  5. Black Friday – 26th November – {Offer + Offer + Upsale + Give away} – This is how typical offers are run, and try to sell in multiple ways, like high AOV bundles, Mixed upsells, deals and coupons.

This is the day where your offer is the only thing that helps you in generating sales. This is the day when you see the highest CPM's in the entire year. 90% OFF on SAS products, 70% off on physical products like clothing, electronics, etc name something you will have the ultimate deals on this day.

  1. Cyber Monday – 29th November -Continue the same offers till the end of this day, check the performance and try to make changes accordingly. If possible make creative exclusively for cyber Monday instead of using Black Friday's.

  2. Christmas + New year – You need to run some offers to re-targeting the audience who didn't make the purchase. The offer need not be that best, but it should feel like it's better I buy now than waiting for the next BFCM. Also, run some exclusive offers to TOF for Christmas which could be a great deal where it might not be as that of BFCM.

Always aim for TOF as iOS 14 the story is different this year. If your retargeting campaigns are performing great before then you can continue those audiences with deals and offers.

In my case, the re-tarting did well in 2020.

Feel free to ask if you need some help with ads in this Q4.


Anand Bernard

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