1) Print on Demand that allows customer to personalize text and can integrate with Squarespace? 2) And Zazzle-related question

Is there a POD service that can 1) allow customers to personalize a line (or two) of text and 2) is able to integrate with Squarespace?

Also hoping to find a POD service that has some of these specific products: Dog clothes or bandanas Bumper stickers

Zazzle happens to have all the products I need, but I do NOT wish to set a zazzle store (not debatable). Would there be any issues with ordering products I've customized on zazzle, having them shipped to my home, and selling them in person/selling them on my own website?

There would be three different scenarios: 1) Some products would have only my own artwork plus text typed into zazzle. 2) One product would have a certificate style background that already exists on zazzle. 3) Some products would have my art, text typed in zazzle, and a simple border from zazzle.

I appreciate anyone's thoughts on any of this please! Thank you!

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