This is a warning to all those who are thinking of investing, or have already invested in John Starowicz’s services.

John has breached two shopify automation contracts of ours (in multiple ways) and has not paid me back since the demand of refund in July, 2021.

One of those contracts was for a website that never even went up, as he claimed there were issues with Shopify and the registration of the website. I have recently found out that this website is indeed up and running, but not under me. Meaning he has sold it to someone else after, or is currently running it himself after taking my money and claiming he will refund it.

John has owed me over $14,000USD, since July. We are now mid-October, and he has only sent $2,000 total, after both a viral post from a friend exposing him about this, and then me telling him I am bringing him to court. I have all the reason to believe that his excuses for not getting the money are nothing but intended delays and bs.

He has claimed and promised to pay me back weekly, since August, until we reach the full amount owed.

John has as of recently stopped communicating with me altogether.

So beware guys.

And if anyone has a similar story, and would like to share it and figure out what they can do about it, please share here and email me.

If you search thoroughly on YouTube, you’ll find videos on him with people claiming he owes them money as well in the comments.

I have everything from the very beginning of dealing with him recorded and saved for proof.


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