Can I start dopshipping to the german market in 2021 and still be succesful?

Hello there,
I am currently running a POD Business since around 2 years. I didnt even make it to break-even and I now decided to just cut off this store.

I want to switch to the dopshipping-model and I am curious if there really are some people who really make 4-6 figures monthly and have a nice profit margin that started in 2021? Or are most of the screenshots I see on IG – from some "coaches" – scam and they are just trying to sell their courses, replying on their IG stories by themself and fake screenshots? When I really do this, I plan to ship and sell to Germany, it's the country I live in and it's the only language I'm fluent in. But there come my doubts:

  • Is Germany and the whole DACH-area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) actually a decent place to dropship to?
  • Does anyone really wants to wait 6 weeks for their delivery or are there some suppliers who deliver within 7 days or less?
  • Won't I get banned on PayPal when lots of customers cancel their order and charge their money back because of the shipping time?

My intention isn't to get rich real quick, instead I want to make some money beside my fulltime-job, make my learnings on what things sell good and customer psychology, data analysis and so on. If I get successfull with this method I would like to transfer my hopefully won knowledge to a real business.

With this said, I hope you guys can give me some advice, tips, warnings or something else I might keep in my head.

Thanks for reading and your advice in advance. Have a nice day.

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