Can someone tell me why tf my conversion rate is so low?

So I’m running a fashion niche store selling high end handbags and I’ve been using tiktok ads and UGC as creatives, but my conversion rate is horrible?

These are the Shopify stats: • 443 added to cart (4.66%) • 142 initiated checkout (1.49%) • 9 completed purchase (0.09%)

So my questions are; Is 0.09% conversation rate normal? Why do sooo many initiate checkout but then 99% of them don’t even purchase?

I’m pretty confident the problem is not my site because it’s very branded and I tried to make it look like a proper designer store. Which means good product photos and thumbnails and very short descriptions (most designer sites don’t have long ass descriptions with photos everywhere) And also since over 400 people added to cart my site has to have a decent potential of being high converting, right?

Is the problem my tiktok ads? The interests? Bad traffic? My actual site?

Any tips are highly appreciated

My site:

edit: this is dropshipping but i plan to find a way to private label it if it pops up.

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