From WooCommerce to Shopify.

Hello. I received a call from a potential client that has an e-commerce store on the WordPress WooCommerce platform. The person who was handling his e-business quit on him and now he's stuck. This client imports his products and sells mainly wholesale but also has branched out to an eshop platform. I only have experience with Shopify and the ease of use because of the apps.

What would I be getting myself into if I took the job? I'll also be running it for him afterwards so there's a back end deal but I don't know the scope of it all switching from wordpress to Shopify. Are there apps available to do this? Also, if I have to set up the shop from the beginning, are there apps available to streamline the process as the products are here already? Different sizes different colours etc… He imports high end safety clothes and shoes among other things.

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