Question of curiosity about a unique way of handling eCommerce

I run a small firearms/gunsmithing business from my home, primarily just filling special orders by having a customer tell me what they want and/or a budget and I give them some options, they pay in advance and I order whatever they want. Due to law surrounding firearms, they are shipped to me and then the customer picks them up.

At this time, I don't stock much inventory due to the size of my business, but as an opportunity to grow, I wanted to probe the idea of eCommerce, but I don't really have the capital to stock up on inventory to sell online.

I work with a variety of distributors to find what my customers are asking for, and wanted to know if it were possible to set up something online that queries the in-stock inventory of those distributors and displays it on one website for my customers to view, with the retail price rather than my wholesale price.

I don't even necessarily need check-out capability, but having a catalog I can share of the items I can currently supply to customers with special orders would be a tremendous boost to the business.

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