Which Google Ads attribution model to use (online furniture store)

Hi all

For starters, quick introduction and for context – furniture store chain with 5 physical locations in Eastern Europe that has around 4 M turnover with 40% of it coming online. We have not used google adds before and were wondering, which add attribution model gives out the best analytics in the future?

Furniture usually is not something that is bought within one visit therefore the "last click attribution model" seems wrong. To me the first click model seems the most intuitive because when someone uses keyword such as "garden furniture" or "chair" then even if he converted to buying 10 actions later, the same add was the first starting point for the buyer. However the First action model is not recommended as highly as I would expect.

This field is totally new for me and its hard to find information in specific sector (eg furniture store) as most of the recommendations and information blogs are… about blogs.

Does anyone have any thoughts to share? Thank you in advance.

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