Getting the pre-launch subscribers and followers the right way?

Hello guys! I really need and advice from experienced marketers regarding pre-launch campaign.

I am planning to launch my second project, where I really invested my time to build e-commerce store with appealing brand, story and loads and loads of content (cartoons, blogs like comics versions of cartoons, games, products presented in high-tech virtual studio etc) and I am planning to launch a pre-opening campaign with a teaser videos to gain:

a) followers on social networks to gain social proof once store is open

b) subscribers to newsletter (people eager to "be first on opening"), who I might convert.

So to maximize results for the goal a), I was thinking to make a campaign with engagement objective and then try to get a lot of engagement of post and eventually use it for "Like page" button type of ad. My audience would be basically set out by interests, but would be pretty much worldwide as I don't really care where those likes initially come from (as long as people really like the page and are somewhat organic).

Now the hardest question for goal b). I guess I should Create conversion campaign, but shall I optimize for Conversions with event Subscribe or Purchase event ? The first will probably give more subscribers, but the second one – potentially more convertable ones ? What is your experience on this ?

Perhaps there are any other advices that you could give based on your experience with prelaunches ?

Sorry for the long write-up as I am unable to write short 🙁

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