Issue with payment gateway and new store. Not sure if its me or them

Hopefully someone here can help me out as this issue is sort of specific and I dont really know where to turn or what to do.

Im an American living in Germany. I opened a dropshipping website selling tactical gear in the states. Its not a scammy one product shop but like an actual longterm website im treating as a real business. Ive been approved with US wholesalers, have their products on the site, have social media set up and a business bank account in the states, EIN, LLC in wyoming, registered agent address etc. Note that I only have some body armor and plate carriers and emergency food at the moment, no actual weapons or weapon parts ie sights or rail systems. Everything is in the states and is remotely done from here in Germany. Its legal and on the up and up, im not doing some shady tax fraud hide money from the Germans thing its just operated from here.

Everything is set up but I cant seem to get approved with a payment processor and im not sure why but I have my suspicions. I applied for Paypal/ Braintree, sent all my into in and was denied with no real explanation other than "it may be your application info or your credit. guess which cause we wont tell you". my business has no credit and in the states I had a high score like 680 when I checked a few years ago. Sezzle just said that I was "high risk"

The only thing I can think of is either A: no one wants to touch tactical gear but what im selling isnt firearms or firearm parts. or B: for some reason they dont like that I live in europe and am doing everything in the states. Maybe it looks like some type of fraud or shadyness? I was thinking of getting a solid vpn and re applying but im not trying to be dishonest and dont want my payment gateway to find out I live here somehow and then stop working with me and kill my business.

Any suggestions? Try a high risk processor? VPN? Keep applying and dont give up? Quit and go work in a warehouse for $10 an hour and be depressed?

Any help is appreciated good people of Reddit. Thanks

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