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We are on Magento 2, and I wonder if anyone knows any software that can help with re-ordering / forecasting by size.

Imagine this scenario

Helmet X has 10 colours,
Helmet X has size S,M,L,XL,2XL (5 sizes)
So this is 10 x 5 = 50 SKU for 1 helmet model.

Distributors have random colours each time as they can't afford 50 Skus for 1 model. We also can't afford 50 SKU for 1 model.

So what we want to do is ignore colour.
This means grouping the data together for colours. Basically, ignore colour.
Take size L
1 sale in pink
1 sale in black
1 sale in orange

Size L has sold 3 times in this period.

So we want to calculate our re-order based on the 3 sales, for helmet X in size L.

I am surprised to see this is not anormal issue for people, I would expect to see it built into more software. Anyone have experience with it?

Help greatly appreciated!

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