Shopify region options if a company is registered in two counties

Hi all,

Looking to see if any of you opened companies in US (Corporation) as an extension to your main business in your country.

However, the only reason to open that company is for merchant services such as Shopify, Shopify Payments and PayPal Business US.

i.e. all of these services are under US Company name that collect money but paid out and eventually go to your home country main business.

Correctly me if I'm wrong but from what I can see it's doable in perfectly legal.

But the main question that I have is tax implications by IRS.

from what I can see in essence there should be no tax obligations in US since it's only a shell company to gain access to these services and we pay all taxes locally.

But I could be wrong and there could be other technicalities. Keen to hear your thoughts.

finally, will this change if we opened a warehouse and hired people in US but still kept main home country business as the central management point? If so how exactly?

Thanks again whoever shares their experiences.



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