Use auto-generated mock-up images or your own product photography to get most sales?

Hi guys,

In your experience or research, do you find that customers respond better / have a higher conversion rate / trust your site more if you have your own product photos versus using auto-generated mock-up images from a POD app?

For context, I sell my paintings as art prints. I use a POD company to fulfil my orders and their app generates product images for me. I'm starting to think these don't give my customer enough information on quality, texture etc and look too generic to feel trustworthy and this is affecting my conversion rate. They also don't show my images 'in context' framed on a wall, which may be important.

But, buying 80+ paintings as prints, framing them, photographing them and uploading as product images is a huge investment of time and money. I'm uncertain if this is a good use of my time (versus spending time making more paintings!).

Any advice really appreciated!

Thank you!

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