Anyone use Namogoo? + Advice/opinion on regular promotions

Hey guys,

I recently came across Naomogoo, who implement "intent based promotions" for ecomm. They just opened up a right out of the box free trial for Shopify, so I tested it out. It certainly increases conversions, which is amazing. However, the solution they provide is literally hitting a customer with a discount pop-up within the range that you set, depending on their "intent". Apparently it uses machine learning that can help identify the level of intent. I have gone onto my own site in incognito to test it out, and often I just get hit with a discount immediately, which leads me to believe that their detection of intent is pretty off.

While it has increased revenue and conversions, I don't think that conditioning customers to receive random storewide discounts is good for the brand image long-term. We're a kidswear brand, mid-priced, more expensive than cheapy stuff like cotton on, but less expensive than boutique brands that can charge $60 for a baby shirt.

I'd love to hear experiences or opinions on this from fellow ecomm owners, and any thoughts on how we can structure regular promotions while not creating a "discount brand" image.


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