What is your favourite software for C2C marketplace and are they really sustainable?

Hello! I'm new on ecommerce stuff. I'm looking for a software for my new C2C project. I built a website on wordpress previously. I thought I can deal with those popular softwares like woocommerce,opencart,magento etc. One of the national software dealer which is selling only B2B type software said that there is no chance to make a long-term business sucess with this kind of softwares. He said that you should make much much more investment for your own software delevoper team or make a deal with a pro agency. He's thinking If you use those prebuilted softwares on the site, its definetely fall after a couple of dozen user started to use system. What is your experiences and opinions? My plan was using one of those softwares for a year and make a new investmen If I get a good feedback from the market.

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