Can a company send a cancellation notification for an order that is not paid?

Ok so I placed an order with an e-commerce sight to purchase a PSN card. I tried to place the order once but closed the order to do some research and 5 mins later once I decided, I placed the order.

After an hour, I get a notification and an email saying my order is cancelled. I think ok that’s fine, and proceed to order a PSN card from a different site. 2 days later, I get notification that my order has been delivered so I go check this with support, as I no longer need the PSN card since I’ve got it elsewhere.

The support team said that the cancellation email was generated for the first order, where I tried to place the order but decided against it and closed the app. Can an e-commerce site really send you an email saying your order has been cancelled when you haven’t paid for it? There was a 20 digit reference code which I obviously didn’t check cos I thought the cancellation notification was for the order I paid for.

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