Ideas on how to win this dispute

I have a pretty expensive package shipped to a customer, and USPS has informed the customer it's waiting for her to collect at her local USPS. She emails me saying she never got it, and I tell her to contact her local USPS as it's currently there waiting for her to pick up. She says "It's too complicated and I can't drive" then proceeds to open a dispute against me saying she never got the product. I've put a lost mail search on USPS after not being able to get in touch with an actual person to send the package to the customer or send it back to me (although via the automated phone system the tracking details states it's at the customer's local USPS waiting for collection).

Ideas on how to win this dispute? I have the customer communication stating she refuses to go to her local USPS, and my response telling her to pick it up at this address at USPS. But the tracking details does show it never arrived to the customer directly, and now has a lost package trace on it. I can't even get it back because I can't talk to a person at USPS. Any suggestions are super welcome.

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