Would like to have your perspectives on my business idea in the sustainable packaging industry

Hi fellow entrepreneurs,

Having noticed how hard it is to find suppliers of sustainable materials & packaging, I plan to build a platform that connects entrepreneurs with eco-friendly suppliers, and I will start with addressing the packaging sector. But first, I want to determine the problems that SMEs/entrepreneurs like yourself are facing when looking for sustainable packaging solutions.

Insight into your experiences would be very valuable to me, as it might verify or reject my perception that there is a need for a platform that gives a centralized overview of eco-friendly (packaging) suppliers. I created a short survey, if you could kindly fill it in for me then I would appreciate that very, very much.

With this survey I hope to gain more insight into your experience with packaging suppliers so that I can build a better platform that meets your business needs and environmental values. Your answers are anonymous & are only used for internal feedback.

Thanks a lot!

Here’s the link to my survey:

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