LLC tax question and not sure where to ask it

Hello Reddit people; I have an issue and was hoping I could get a quick ish answer thats not "talk to an accountant".

I have a small ecommerce store. Im an American but I live in Europe. I have a single member llc in wyoming. I am having an issue getting approved for a payment processor due to my location as they want someone physically in the states. Apparently a solution to this is adding someone physically in the states to my llc at a 25% stake per one of the major payment processors. A friend agreed to do this and take a yearly $1 payment.

My question is: what happens at tax season? using even numbers; Say somehow I am able to generate $100k in revenue for the year. Does my friend now have 25K in income he needs to declare or does he only declare his solitary $1 and I deal with taxes for the rest?

Dont want to end up in a tax nightmare come April. Thanks

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