TGG magneto-optical crystal – NANJING CRYLINK

click here Terbium gallium garnet (tb3ga5o12, TGG) is an important magneto-optical material for visible and near-infrared spectroscopy (400-470nm and 500-1500nm). TGG crystal has large Verdet constant (35radt − 1m − 1 at 1064nm), high thermal conductivity (7.4wm − 1K − 1), low optical loss (< 0.1% / cm) and high laser damage threshold (> 1GW / cm2). Therefore, it is an attractive Faraday rotating crystal, which is suitable for making magneto-optical isolator, magneto-optical switch and magneto-optical modulator. It is widely used in multi-stage amplification, ring and seed injection lasers such as YAG and titanium doped sapphire.

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