What platform do you recommend for automating eBay sales?

Hello guys!

I sell watches and accessories online. I began to display my goods about six months ago on eBay. It started more like an experiment to see what I could gain from this platform. Since my cousin bragged about making a couple of thousands per week selling different crap on eBay, I was curious to see if I could do the same. I've earned a pretty good reputation on eBay, selling no more than five items at a time and even made more cash than usual.

I haven't considered eBay sales an essential activity until now, but since the business is going quite well, my friend advised me to put my entire range of goods on eBay, saying that this could increase my sales. And in the future, I could generally abandon the online store and deal only with eBay since it's more profitable.

The only problem is that I have pretty many items, and besides, I work alone. Hiring someone that can help me with my business isn't an option at the moment. It would be nice to find a tool that will help manage all these processes more efficiently. My cousin advised using 3dsellers, saying that it helped him deal with listings and orders, and exclusively because of the thank you emails, his sales increased by two percent, and I'd be a fool not to use his experience.

I've looked into, and it looks pretty professional. According to reviews, this is an excellent tool to save time working on eBay. I'm thinking about using their services.

But despite the flattering reviews, I'd like to hear more opinions about the mentioned service and other similar tools, so I'd be grateful if you could advise other platforms that I can consider. It would be highly appreciated if you could recommend something from your experience. Thank you.

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